Need Help?

If you need help from Touchretail, here's what you need to do

(Important: Please read the attached PDF at the foot of this document, for what we do, and don't support.)


Our Help Desk is open 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. For ‘Out of Hours’ emergencies use the emergency numbers found on our office answer phone. (0845 466 0323)


Please note that your support contract does not include ‘Out of Hours’ support, this is a service that we provide voluntarily. Taking this into consideration, please only contact the emergency numbers if you are experiencing a situation that is stopping your business from trading.


If you experience an emergency in ‘Office Hours’, e.g. you have a Till that errors and you are unable to process transactions, then please call 0845 466 0323 and your call will be dealt with as a matter of urgency.


For all other support related queries, the best way to log, track and resolve your issue is by submitting a ticket, either through our portal (recommended) or by sending an email to

We can raise a ticket on your behalf although this is not the preferred method for reasons highlighted below.


Sticking to the following guide will help us provide you with the best possible level of support.

  • Raise Your Own Ticket.
    Our support agents can spend more time resolving tickets if they are not creating them.

  • It’s In The Details.
    Provide as much detail as you can in your ticket. Things like Product record numbers, barcodes, what you were doing and why, can really speed up finding resolutions.
    1 Ticket Per Issue.
  • Raise multiple tickets if you have multiple issues, that way you’ll know when each issue has been resolved.
  • Search First
    Before raising a ticket, check our Knowledge Base and Manual, we may already have a tutorial video or a document covering the subject.

  • Off And On
    Oh really? Yes really, despite what you may think, simply turning it off and on*, or closing the software and restarting does resolve an alarming number of computer based issues. Whilst you’re at it, where applicable, check the cables and make sure you have an internet connection!
    * Always remember to follow the correct procedures when shutting down computers, switching the computer off directly using the power button or the mains can damage your system.  


Why tickets are better than no tickets, here’s 5 key reasons:

  1. Visibility
    You can see your ticket which means we can see your ticket, issues are properly logged and not scribbled on post-it’s.

  2. Full Cycle
    When the status of a ticket changes, you get notified, keeping you in the loop until you’re happy your ticket has been resolved.

  3. Consistency
    Using a combination of SLA (Service Level Agreement) timers and Priorities, tickets are dealt with on-time and in the correct order.

  4. Improvement
    With everything logged we can identify and focus on improving problematic areas.

  5. Knowledge
    We recommend using the ticket portal for raising tickets, here you have access to our growing knowledge base 24/7.