A POS Preset is a button linked to a product allowing you to quickly select the product rather than scanning or searching for it. Presets are ideal for the following scenarios:

  • Items that are not suitable for Barcoding
  • Adding a Preset for Carrier Bag charges
  • Service charges such as Adjustments and Hire
  • Postage
  • Cafeteria items
  • Selling at department level rather than unit level

Creating a Preset

On the Stock System

Firstly you need to create a product in your stock system. You can specify a price on the product or set the price to 0 if you wish for the POS to prompt for a price at the time of selection. Once the product has reached the POS (You may need to force a PLU file) you are ready to create your Preset.

On the POS.

  1. Login
  2. Enter the 'Supervisor Menu', the Menu where X-Z reads   (Enter your Supervisor code and press Menu)
  3. Enter the 'Setup Menu'
  4. Press 'Presets Setup' (Enter your Sector Security Code)
  5. You will be informed that you are now in Program Mode, press OK
  6. You will now see your existing presets and unused buttons, select an unused button for your new Preset
  7. Enter a name for the Preset
  8. When prompted 'Do you want to add an item already in your database?' choose Yes
  9. Search and select the product
  10. When prompted 'Prompt for Size at Sale time' choose No
Your new Preset is now ready to use.


  • It's possible to create a Preset that is not linked to a product, this should be avoided as no record will be sent back to your stock system.
  • To make additional pages visible you must name them, right click the page tab to name the page.