How to use the TRIMS filter to identify low stock levels. The criteria that we'll be using is:

  • Any items that have less than 5 available across all locations.
  • And have been sold at any location within the last 6 months.

Once I have identified these items I will view them on screen and then export them into Excel.


1/ Configure the Filter

  • In Explorer open the Tree Filter
  • Expand the Units section and click the Units button [a]

A numerical picker will open allowing you to select the number of units for the filter. Enter 5 into the first box, make sure you have a tick in ‘less than’ and then click the Add button. This will now state ‘Less than: 5’ in the right hand list. That’s all we need here so click OK and you will see it now states ‘Less than: 5’ under Units in the Tree. If we were to apply the filter now it would return every item with stock less than 5, we only want items that have sold within the last 6 months, so..

  • Whilst still in the Units section click the Sales button [b]

Another numerical picker will open. Enter 0 into the first box, tick ‘Greater than’ and click ‘Add’. The right hand list will now state ‘Greater than: 0’. When filtering sales you get an additional function which is to specify the date period. Use the calendar to select the last 6 months. Click ‘Ok’

2/ Apply the Filter

  • Apply the filter by clicking the filter symbol [.c]
  • The Tree will refresh and return the results [d]
  • To view the results as an Item listing, right click the results > View > Item Listings

You will now see a list of all items that meet your filter criteria. All of the items displayed have less than 5 in stock and have sales registered against them within the last 6 months. Please note, by default the sales figures in the item listing will be for the current week. If you wish to see the number of sales over the 6 months period do the following:

  • Change the calendar at the top of the item listing to the required date range, or remove the tick [e] if you wish to see All-time sales
  • Press Refresh [f]

The item listings will now refresh showing the updates sales information.

3/ Export Results to Excel

  • Click one cell on the item listing grid then press CTRL & A on your keyboard to highlight all cells
  • Now press CTRL & C to copy the data into your clipboard
  • Open Excel and Paste the data into your Worksheet