A TRIMS Period has a name, a start date and an end date. You can define as many TRIMS periods as you wish. Periods are primarily used as a short-cut for selecting a date range within reports and listings. You can choose one of your periods to be the current period, the current period is used as the default date range throughout TRIMS.

Creating a Period

  • Open the Periods App.
  • Any periods already defined are shown, press the New button.
  • Give the period a name and set the start date and end date.
  • Press OK to create your new period.

If you wish to set your new period, or any other period as the current period:

  • Right click the desired period and select 'Set as Current'. The current period is indicated with a green star against the period.

Using a Period

If you've set a current period, the sales date range in explorer will default to your current period. You can change the period easily at any stage by choosing from one of the many fixed periods, or your custom periods listed at the bottom of the selector. If you change the period selector in explorer, be sure to press refresh to reload the grid figures taking into account the new date range.