On occasion products get stuck in the connectors queue and won't go to the site, the most common cause of this is when a change is made to a product in TRIMS that Magento doesn't agree with. Magento has many restrictions which can cause this to happen, for instance, Magento won't let you change an Attribute set once a product has been created.

How to fix products stuck in the Magento queue


  • In the Connector in Progress screen make a note of the products causing the issue, then delete them from the Queue.
  • Delete them by holding the CTRL key and left clicking on each one you wish to delete which should then highlight the cell. When you have highlighted them all release the CTRL key and right click on one of the highlighted cells and choose delete from the menu.
  • Confirm deletion by typing 'DELETE' into the box.

2/ In Magento

  • Delete all the relevant simple products in Magento.
  • Change the SKU on the configurable to the current SKU with OLD on the end of it.


  • Find the product in explorer and right click on its description in the left hand explorer pane and¬†choose Action > Mark as Changed > All.

4/ In Magento

  • Once the new configurable is created you'll be able to copy all the info across from the old one and then delete the old one.

The product will now be recreated in Magento, ready for you to add images and extra information before enabling it on the site.

If the product still gives errors in the queue, please log a support ticket detailing the product you are having difficulty with.