There are 3 things to check if a product is not appearing in the Magento Connector in Progress queue and hence not reaching the Magento website. Please remember that unless you have many products queued, products that enter the queue may only stay there for a few seconds before being processed. The checks mentioned here are for when the product is not being created on the website, and never making it into the connector in progress queue.

  1. Has the product been created on the website branch in TRIMS?
    Your website branch is shown on the settings page of the relevant Connector in Assets > Connectors.
  2. Does the product have a valid attribute set?
    In the 'Tags' screen on the product there should be a Tag called 'Magento Att Set' in this you should have a valid Attribute set name which is identical to one of the mapped attributes sets in the Connector. EG SizeLeg would not work if the attribute set is Size Leg).
  3. Is the product visible to 3rd party systems?
    In the 3rd Party Screen on the TRIMS product modify tab, check that the relevant website branch has all of the flags set to 'Yes'.

If the product is still missing from the Magento connector queue and therefore not going to the website after you have checked these, please create a ticket with the relevant product details in it.