Descriptions, Sizes, Colours and all other Attributes in your TRIMS system are ordered chronologically by default. You may wish to override this behaviour and order them manually. Size-scales for example will almost always need to be manually ordered and sometimes you will want your Brands and Categories displayed in alphabetical order. When manually ordering attributes you can Drag and Drop, or sort the list alphabetically before saving the new display order.

Here we show you how to change the Product Description display order, but this technique can be applied to any attribute.

Ordering Product Descriptions Alphabetically

  1. From the main menu navigate to STRUCTURE > ATTRIBUTES.
  2. In the left hand table called TYPES pick the desired attribute type that you would like to put into alphabetical order (a).
  3. Make sure you wait for the spinner to complete before continuing otherwise you will only be sorting what has already loaded.
  4. Press the edit button which will toggle edit mode - the button will now say save (b).
  5. -- Press the DEFAULT (c) button to auto sort the list in alphabetical order, you will need to agree to the prompt,
  6. -- OR Drag and Drop the attribute values into the required order.
  7. Press SAVE and close the attributes box (b).

Open Explorer and Navigate the Navigation Tree to see your changes. If you already have explorer open you will need to refresh the tree, do this at a level above where you expect to see the changes.

Video Example