To install TRIMS, download the TRIMS.ZIP file shown below.

Once downloaded, run the MSI file contained within the ZIP to install the TRIMS client on a Windows PC.

You will need to include your TRIMS license files (provided by Touchretail) in the folder where the application is installed in order to access your TRIMS system, if you need more information on this please contact the help desk.

The usual place where TRIMS is installed is 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Touchretail\TRIMS Client' and this would be the location to place your license files.

You do not have to change anything in the connection.txt file but if you wish to save your user credentials you can save these in the logins.txt file. Each user needs to be on a seperate line in the format user,password. Often Windows system folders are protected and you may not be able to edit this file in it's correct location. If this is the case, copy the file to the desktop, make the changes and copy back.