Your HHT has the ability to download a Barcode Verification File. When active, scanned barcodes are checked against this file. If found, it will allow it, otherwise it will reject it. If you want to use the Barcode Verification facility, you must take the following into consideration.

HHT Memory

The amount of space required for your Barcode Verification File is dependent on the amount of Aliases you have within your TRIMS system, and the length of each Alias. Therefore it is very difficult to estimate the memory required for your file. If you overload the built-in HHT memory with a Barcode Verification File you will be left with little or no room to scan anything.

In almost all cases the built in memory DOES NOT have the capacity to hold a Barcode Verification File.

SSD Expansion

Therefore we strongly advise that if you plan on using barcode verification, your HHT memory must be extended. Please check if your HHT has an SSD installed and you are on the correct version:

    Check Version

  • Main Menu > 6 UTILITIES > 4 HHT CONFIG.
  • Check your VER: ends with SD. If not, contact Touchretail.

    Check SSD Installed

  • Main Menu > 7 BATTERY/MEM.
  • Check the line stating SD. This denotes the size of the installed SSD and amount remaining (Megabytes). If this says -1 then no SSD is installed. Please contact Touchretail.

If your HHT memory has not been extended, please contact Touchretail and we will update this for you F.O.C.

HHT Format Blocking

You may have configured your HHT to ignore various types of barcode format, if this is the case, even if the barcodes are present in your Barcode Verification file, they will still not scan.  It is worth noting the difference; you will be alerted when a scanned barcode is not in the Barcode Verification File, however a blocked barcode format will simply not register a scan at all.

Downloading Barcodes


  • Main Menu > 5 UPDATE BARS and follow prompted instructions.


  • Menu > Assets > Scanners > Choose Port > Download Barcodes.