The product price rule feature in TRIMS allows you to create and centrally manage a promotion that will be automatically started on a user-defined date and automatically ended when the user chooses. 

 This is much more efficient than having to manually change prices or discount them at the point of sale and gives more control from the back office. 


  • Currently, product price rules are only compatible with the TRIMS API and TouchPOS.
  • If you wish to use product price rules on your website, you will need to consult your web developer first as it will not work natively without modification by your web developer.
  • Before creating a promotion, ensure that your till is running POS version 2.11.13 or above.

Creating a price rule:

  1. To begin creating a promotion in TRIMS, firstly you will need to go to Promotions > Product Price Rules.
  2. From here go to “add document” (a). This will bring up a window titled “New Price Rule”, enter the name (b) and description for the promotion followed by the start and end date/time (c).
  3. Click “Ok” (d) and it will add it into draft (e)
  4. Once the price rule has been added to draft it will open the “Picker”(f).
    1. The picker consists of two sections; “picker” and “selected”(f)
      1. Picker is where you select the items for promotions.
      2. Selected is where the items are moved to once they are in the promotion.
  5. In order to select items for promotion you can use the filter the same as in the explorer module. You can also filter using lists which can be created with a HHT scanner or manually. Alternatively you can search for the items in the search bar. You can also manually search through the products for discounting whole brands and categories.
  6. Once you have found the items that you wish to include in the promotion, right click on the product, brand or category and select “pick”, this will bring up a window titled “add selected* to sale name*”.
  7. In this window you will have to make various selections to determine what the promotion will do and how it will work:
    1. Firstly you will have to select whether you are reducing or increasing the price and by how much (g).
    2. From here you will then have to choose whether you will round up or down and to what value it will be rounded to (h). The default and minimum value is 0.01 as you cannot tender less than one pence.
    3. The offset value (i)  is how much the final price will be changed by (default 0.00). The offset can be used to make the value always end in .99 by rounding to a whole denomination and setting the offset to -0.01.
    4. You can select what price the promotion will modify (j).
    5. Once all of these fields have been configured, click “Ok” and it will be added to “Selected” (k). The details of the price change will be remembered next time you add a product.
  8. Repeat steps 5, 6 and 7 until you have all of your products in selected (k).
  9. You can review the promotion before activating it by right clicking on the selection and clicking “view”.
  10. Once you have all of your items in the promotion, go to “Draft”(l), right click on the promotion name and select “set active”.
  11. The promotion will now be in the “Active” section (m) and will be sent down in the next PLU build. The PLU is built every night between midnight and store opening times, you can manually build a PLU by going to explorer > Maintenance > PLU build. The promotion will not go live until the time which was specified even though it is sent down in the PLU beforehand.
  12. Once the promotion has ended, it will go to “Historic” (n). From here it can be duplicated back to draft and modified for future use.

Promotions on the Till:

The promotions will be applied automatically on the till once the PLU has built. You can check the status of a promotion by selecting an item in the sale screen and clicking “Info”(p). The sale screen will show the name of the promotion and the amount the price will change by (o). Once the promotion has ended, it will be removed from the till automatically at the assigned time and removed from the PLU in the next build (overnight or when manually triggered from TRIMS).