If you have recently upgraded to windows 10 and are experiencing a ticket printing issue, please get in touch with support. 

  1. If your tickets are not printing, check for these three common causes:

    Is the printer ready?

    Often the reason for labels not printing is the printer not being ready, check for any errors on the printer itself (on the Zebra GX series printers the light should be solid green.) If there is an error on your printer check that your labels and ribbons have not run out; make sure that the cover is pressed down fully to allow printing to commence. If there is still an error, remove the printer stock and re-install it.

    Are the cables connected?

    In a busy office or sales environment, it is possible for cables to be accidentally disconnected or work their way loose; check to see that all of the cables are connected to the printer and the computer. If the cables for the computer are connected, make sure that the power is connected correctly and switched on at the wall and the printer (The switch on the printer should be in the 1 position, or the power button should be pressed).

    Is salespush running?

    Salespush is a program that runs in the background on your computer and downloads your tickets from the back office. This is often easy to miss but you can check by clicking the up arrow in the bottom right of the taskbar and look for the green square with the pin icon(see below for reference). If this is not present you can run it from the icon on your desktop or from c:\tickets\salespush.exe or c:\epos\salespush2\salespush.exe and click start when it appears on the screen. If salespush is running then check that you have an internet connection, you can check this by looking in the bottom right corner of the screen and looking for any red or yellow icons; indicating errors (see below for reference)

    If you are experiencing any of the network errors, check that the network cables are all connected and reboot your router. If you continue to experience an error, get in touch with your internet service provider for assistance.

    Salespush Icon:

    Windows Network Errors: