Custom grid layouts within the TRIMS client interface can be saved and recalled from the star icon located in the top right corner of the grid.

What changes can be saved?

  • Grouping
  • Sorting
  • Column Locations
  • Column Width
  • Column Visibility

Saving a grid Layout

Save any grid layout by clicking the star icon and selecting 'Save...' the saved grid will automatically be set as your favourite layout. To change your favourite, click the star icon next to a layout. If you save a layout with the same name as an existing layout, it will overwrite that layout.

Changing Layouts

Your favourite layout is the layout loaded whenever you refresh or reload a grid. Selecting another layout will display that layout until you refresh or reload the grid. You can revert back to your original default layout by setting it as the favourite and refreshing your grid.


It's worth noting that a grid layout will only activate when the grid has focus, you may need to move your mouse over the grid to activate the layout. Saved layouts are visible to all users, however each user can set their own favourite.