TRIMS is an application designed for a Microsoft Windows environment, this means that natively it does not support OS X. There is however a workaround; by using a piece of software called “Parallels”, you can install windows in the background of Mac OS X which allows you to run windows applications alongside your Mac. This guide is designed to show you how to set up TRIMS on your Apple Mac, however if you encounter difficulty or are unsure, please get in touch and we can discuss getting a member of our support team to install it for you*.

1. Download Parallels and Microsoft Windows.

  • To begin with, download Parallels and Windows onto your Mac (Please note that a license is required for both of these pieces of software). You can download and purchase the relevant software from the following links:

2. Install Parallels on your Mac.

  • Run the downloaded parallels installer (called: ParallelsDesktop-”Version Number”.dmg) to your desktop. Once the download has completed, double-click on the file and start running it.

3. Install Windows on Parallels.

  1. Open parallels and go to File > New in the finder bar.
  2. Select “Install Windows or another OS from a DVD or Image file”.
  3. Select “Locate Manually”.
  4. Tick the “Continue without as source” box.
  5. Choose “Image File”, select “Windows 10” and continue.
  6. Select “Games Only” for the primary use, this will dedicate enough graphics memory to smoothly run TRIMS.
  7. Name the virtual machine and select the box called “Customise settings before installation”.
  8. In the customise box, select “Hardware” Then CPU and memory. Allocate at least 3gb of system memory and 2 cores to the virtual machine.
  9. Click “Continue” in the install wizard and start the virtual machine. (Please note you may have to go to Actions > Shut Down > Reset and then start the machine again on the first boot)

4. Setup Windows.

  • The next step is to follow the windows install wizard, making sure to fill in your license key and install it onto the correct drive. After you have filled in the relevant information, Windows will automatically install (It is a big installation so give it time, it could take up to 2 hours depending on the speed of your machine.)

5. Setup TRIMS

  • On the windows virtual machine, go to this article and download the file from the link. Open the file and then run the .msi file within it. This will install TRIMS, to obtain your connection information please contact support.

6. Enable coherence mode.

  • To enter coherence mode click on “Window” and select coherence mode. From here you can right click on the TRIMS icon and pin it to the desktop.

 Please note that there is no post-installation support for parallels, if you encounter any issues with the Parallels software; contact Parallels support.