1. Log in to the till.
  2. Go to the supervisor menu by typing 999 > Menu > Set Up Menu > Reason Code Set Up
    This will give you a list of all the reason codes you currently have.
  3. To create a new reason code just scroll down through the list of codes until you get to an empty line on the screen and click Select.
  4. Type in the reason code

Reason Code Formatting

As an example, to create a discount reason, type in the name as follows: A/ then type in the name of the reason e.g A/STAFF DISCOUNT

You can create reason codes for different functions on the till through this menu by changing the prefix. Please see below:

  • To create a DISCOUNT reason: A/
  • To create a VOID reason: V/
  • To create a RETURN reason: R/
  • To create an OPEN CASH DRAWER reason: C/