Follow the instructions below to create new products:

  1. Go to Inventory > Explorer > Click the level in the tree where you want to create your new product. Clicking the “Plus” symbol next to your system and navigating further down the tree will pre-populate various fields making it faster to create a product.
  2. Once you have highlighted a level in the tree click the “Create New Product” icon at the top of the tree.
  3. Fill out the details of the product so that all of the fields become green. You can either type out the information, or click the “...” to the right of the field to select it from a list of previously entered details. (Select the detail from the list on the left and click Add > OK to apply it to that field.

     - If you wish to add stock of this product at this time, toggle the “Open Matrix” icon at the top of the window. This will inform TRIMS that you want to enter stock quantities after creating the product.

     - Also, if for example you are going to go on to create a very similar product, perhaps just with a different tag, you can toggle the “Preserve Values” button which will retain the information filled into the fields for the creation of another product. Using this facility will make it easier for you as you will only need to enter the changes, the other details will be carried across.
  4. Once the product details have been entered, click accept and your new product will be created.