A single product is a product without variations. This video shows how to quickly create a single product with a manufacturers barcode attached. A single product is suitable for items that don't have any colour or size variants.

Firstly, select the system level in which you wish to create the product from the product tree in Explorer. Then click Create Product Button.

If you’re booking in multiple items you can use the validation box, the Alias field, to scan the manufacturers barcode to check to see if it exists in the system. If it doesn’t exist, you will get a green plus icon appear next to the alias field which means this barcode will be assigned to this product when it is created. If the item does exist already within the system with this barcode, the search button to the right will glow. You can click this button and it will take you to the product.

Then begin to fill in the categories on the left, and then the details on the right.

To select a Supplier, click the three dots next to the Supplier field. If the Supplier doesn’t already exist in the system, you can click the Create New button in the top left hand corner of the window and set up the Supplier. If it does already exists in the system, you can select it from the list.

You can then go on to fill in the cost price and retail price. Then enter the stock quantities, separated by a comma, corresponding to the branches in the field above.

Then fill in any tags you may have in the Style Reference field.