Variants are the types of attributes assigned to a product and are located below the description level of the product in the navigation tree. A variant can have multiple values for the same type within one product for example colours and sizes - you can have more than one colour and size for a certain product. However this is not the case with attributes above the description level in the tree. You can only have one of these attributes such as brand, category or department assigned to one product.

Firstly, click the “Create New” check the aliases and fill in all the categories. (This is covered in more detail in the video for Creating a Product Without Variants). You can then add the colours and sizes - there is no limit on the selection so you can add as many as you like, either by selecting a range (by clicking the Ranges button) or adding in the variants manually. You then fill in the Supplier information, as well as the cost and retail price.

Due to the item being a multiple variant product you can’t add stock at this time. You can do this at a later time by clicking the “Open Matrix” button at the top of the “Create New” window.

When you’re happy with the product click “Accept”.

Once the product has been accepted you can go into the Open Matrix view to add the stock post product creation and also modify the prices. To add stock, go across to the “Add” tab and enter the stock figures in the relevant fields. Then click “Commit” to accept the changes and click “Finish” to close the Matrix view and go back to the “Create Product” screen.