If you allocate barcodes for your manufacturer to preprint on goods, you may find they end up on the wrong ones. Try this process which allows barcodes to be edited in your system, correcting your manufacturers mistakes, saving you the headaches this can cause.

TRIMS will automatically create a barcode for every item in your system, this is the ‘primary barcode’. This is a unique identifier to the item. You can’t choose what this number is and therefore you can’t swap it with another, so if you ask your manufacturer to print this barcode on the item and they make a mistake, you have a problem.

Every item in TRIMS can have multiple aliases set against it. An alias is a string of text that also refers to the item. Aliases are commonly used for manufacturers barcodes, legacy system barcodes or codes that identify the items in other systems so they can talk to each other. Aliases can be changed, and that is how you can correct mistakes made by your manufacturer.

Rather than provide the manufacturer with the TRIMS primary barcode (fixed), you can assign barcodes automatically to an alias slot. You can then pass that barcode on to your manufacturer. Aliases are recognised throughout TRIMS and at the POS, they behave exactly like the primary barcode. If you provide your manufacturer with a large number of barcodes and they get a few mixed up, providing they are aliases, you can identify these and easily swap the alias barcodes within TRIMS to match - problem solved.

If you have purchased a range of barcodes from a company such as GS1, you can also set TRIMS to pick from this barcode range, if you are looking at purchasing a range of barcodes, please talk to a Touchretail representative first for advice.