Strip out confidential data and unnecessary fields from Vision reports. Create reports for suppliers and users without disclosing your profit margin. This simple function to exclude report columns greatly extends the already feature-packed reporting module, adding another dimension to retail report building.

The exclude columns feature is currently available on three Vision reports - Financial Summary, Best Sellers and Sales Breakdown. It is now simple to hide the columns that you don’t want, or need, from these reports.

Why Hide Report Columns?

A few reasons why you would want to do this:

  • Providing sales performance data to suppliers without revealing your selling prices.
  • Providing weekly sales reports to all branches without disclosing Cost, Profit and Margin.

The most common reason is to simply hide confidential figures such as Cost, Profit and Margin from staff and suppliers.

It is possible to create multiple ‘saved reports’ from one core report template, thus allowing you to schedule Best Sellers to each of your stores, configured to their store. The store reports would have Cost, Profit and Margin hidden but the back office copy would include this information.

How To Exclude Column Headers From Vision Reports

Navigate to the Options tab when configuring a Vision report that contains this functionality. Click on the add (+) button under the ‘Exclude Columns’ section and choose a column that you wish to exclude. Repeat for all columns you wish to hide - then run the report. If required, schedule the report accordingly.