I've been selling stock for a while but who are my customers? With a little bit of digging, it’s easy to find out. This article gives a brief overview of viewing customer purchases within TRIMS and how you can act on that data to bring in more business.

TRIMS Transactions can hold customer, delivery and billing information against them. If your website is integrated then you are most probably capturing this valuable data already. The TRIMS Magento Connector and the TRIMS API both support customer data being passed to it, so if you are not receiving this information, it’s worth talking to your web developer and asking them to include this going forward.

How To Check If You Are Capturing Customer Data

The fastest way to see if you are currently capturing customer data is to open the Transaction Audit, view sales for a period and scroll right to reveal the customer detail columns. If these are populated then you are capturing customer data. You may have multiple connectors and some may not be sending the relevant data, but as a general rule if you are using the TRIMS API to connect to a website, or the TRIMS Magento connector then you should be capturing customer details.

What To Do With Captured Customer Data

There are many ways to use captured customer data. You’ll need to setup an account with some mailing software, we are using Mailchimp here as an example. Mailchimp efficiently manages your mailing lists giving customers the ability to opt-out. Here are some ideas:

  • Export all customer email addresses to continuously grow a master customer list. With this list you can send a generic newsletter to all customers.
  • Use a filter in explorer to filter sales to a specific brand that you are promoting. Export the email addresses into a new Mailchimp list and send a targeted email to all customers who have purchased the brand.
  • Use a filter in explorer to filter for slow moving lines and target customers who have previously purchased those brands and offer them a discount.
  • Export all customer data along with purchases and pass on to a third party marketing company who will analyse, segment and run marketing campaigns for you.

The TRIMS filter is very flexible offering a multitude of possibilities for segmenting your customer data. You can come up with some very clever ways to trigger repeat business using the filtering system, try it and see what you can come up with.

How To Export Captured Customer Data

Once you have the results on screen in TRIMS Explorer or TRIMS Transaction Audit, press CTRL+A to highlight everything, then CTRL+C to copy everything highlighted and then paste into your spreadsheet.