To create a Purchase Order go to the Purchase Orders page and click the “Create New Document” icon at the top. Select the system and Supplier and then select the destination that the stock’s going to be received into, giving the document a relevant reference. If you have created a list prior to this you can select the list you want to use, if not select “No List”. Give the Purchase Order a description, like a name that you give a product, and you can also select the due date and the cut off date.

There are a couple of ways to add products to a Purchase Order once you have created it. You can use the barcode picker or the Add Product button.

The Add Product button is like the Explorer feature in TRIMS, giving you a full breakdown of the system and also allowing you to create new products if necessary. To add products from this button, right click on the level you want to pick from and select “Pick” - you can do this from any level, even description and variant level.

Alternatively you can create new products from the Add Product button by clicking the “Create New” in the top left hand corner of the window. You will recognise the window that then appears from the Create Products section of Explorer.

Press OK to add the picked items to the order.

You can then fill in the cells to add stock of how much you are ordering of the various products. Use the tabs in the bottom left hand corner of the view you to see the details for the Quantity, Cost, Retail, Due Date and Cut Off Date. Selecting these different tabs will allow you to make changes to these details if you need to.

You can then print the Purchase Order by clicking the print icon at the top of the page.

Once you’re happy with the order, you can click Order. Then a window will appear giving you two options, either “Pending” or “Direct”. “Pending” means that the order has been ordered from the Supplier but not received yet while “Direct” will add the stock straight to the products.

This is just one method to create a Purchase Order. You can also create a Purchase Order using a HHT or using an import template - these methods are out of scope for this video tutorial but more information on these alternatives can be provided by the Support Team.