Labels can be queued in TRIMS either automatically or manually. This video goes through how to add tickets to the queue manually.

Go down to a level in TRIMS from which you want to queue labels for.

Right click > Action > Queue Labels > Select Standard Stock > Click OK

This will queue labels for all the stock you have of that product.

Alternatively, to print a custom amount of labels, find the product and open the Matrix view. Go to the “Add” tab and click the drop down at the top (which is currently set to Stock) and select “Print Run”. You can then enter the number of tickets you want to print into the corresponding boxes on the grid and then click Commit. This will add these labels to the queue.

To print the labels, go to Inventory > Labels

This will by default show you all the labels that have been queued however if you click the drop down of “Queued” you can change it to “Reprint”. You can also use the other drop downs at the top of the page to filter by user, location and the system.

You can either click the green printer icon in the top right hand corner to print the whole queue of labels, or you can select certain labels manually. To do this, just click one of the fields of the line of label you want to print so that the field is highlighted in green. To select a range, hold down the shift button on your keyboard and click the range the want to print. Then right click the green highlighted line and click print.

If you have more than one printer or more than one label design, you can use the drop down menus in the top right hand corner to change to different printer or label.