Bring up the product in the product matrix view, go across to the Modify tab and click the dropdown to change it from “Retail” to “Barcode”. The Primary barcode is the one set by TRIMS, you can use any of the Alias fields. Anything to enter into those fields will be a unique identifier for that product so that you could use the barcode on the till to bring up the product. You can use this to import original barcodes from your legacy system, to enter your manufacturers barcode, or the SKU of the product on your website.

You have to enter unique barcodes for different products, you can’t have the same data in two cells.

To enter the information, press in the Edit pencil at the top of the product view, type the details into a cell. Once you’re happy with this, you need to click Commit and then the alias barcode that you have added will now be linked to that product. All the information that you enter here will go up to your website and can also be used to find the item on the till.