Note: The term 'Web' used in the following video has now been changed to '3rd Party' as this flag actually states its visibility to any external system, not just to websites.

The following instructions will go through how to configure the visibility of your products on your Point of Sale and on your website.

Firstly, bring up the product in the product matrix view, go to the Modify tab and click the dropdown to change it from Retail to PLU (Price Look Up) - this will bring up what appears on the till, the “Yes” in the far right column indicates that the product is available at the Point of Sale.

The products are set to “Yes” as default but if you want to change a product so that it’s not available at the till, you need to click in the Edit pencil at the top of the grid and change the “Yes” to “No” - using the down block arrows in the right hand corner will allow you to change a number of cells at a time if you want to. You then need to click “Commit” for the visibility changes to be made to the PLU file that goes to the till.

To change the visibility of products on the website you need to follow the same procedure but click the drop down at the top of the page to “3rd Party”. The same method as outlined above applies to this also.