Although not exclusively created for the job, the Item Listing view is a great tool for exporting your TRIMS data at item level. Item level displays all barcode, location and variant information which is great for exporting. A few reasons why you would want to do this:

  • To send a list of product descriptions, prices and Barcodes to a manufacturer.
  • Exporting data to be manipulated on Excel and then re-imported back into TRIMS.
  • For use in 3rd party reporting and data analysis software.

Exporting in 3 steps

  1. 1 – Viewing the Item Listings This facility can be found under right click View > Listings (A) in Explorer. Once you have the listings view showing, click the Item Listing tab (B).

  2. 2 – Choose the fields you wish to export Right click any column header (A) to popup a list of available columns. Toggle column visibility (B) as required. Only visible columns will be exported.

  3. 3 – Copy & Paste You can highlight all of the data in the grid by pressing the keyboard combination of CTRL + A when the grid is selected. Once selected press CTRL + C to copy the highlighted data. You can then paste your data into Excel, or another 3rd party application.