There are a few different ways to change prices. Changing prices for a single product is achieved by loading the product, clicking the modify tab and selecting Retail in the drop-down. You can then edit your prices for the product before committing them. The following video shows how to do this.

You may wish to change a number of products at the same time, to do this you will need to filter your system to return the products that you wish to change. You may wish to return all products from a supplier, or within a category. In this example I filter my system by season.

  1. Prepare Data
    Open Explorer and open the filter (a). Set the criteria, in this example I filter by the season AW14. I activate the filter and the results are returned (b). To view the results Right-click the results > View > Products. This will load all products for editing, you could do this at a lower level, for example ‘Adidas Originals’, if you wanted to work through your results in batches (recommended when working with large data).

  2. Change Prices
    Prices can now be changed by selecting the Modify tab ©, and choosing Retail in the drop-down, now enter Edit mode (e). Work through the document changing the prices, prices will only be saved when you press commit at the bottom of the page. Take advantage of the time-saving tools (g) which allow you to automatically copy changes across the row you are editing, or down a product, or an entire column. Once you are happy with your changes, click Commit to apply them.

  3. Additional tools
    You may now wish to re-print labels. You can Right-click > Action > Queue Labels on your filtered results in the tree, this will allow you to create labels for your changes. Whilst editing prices you can view more information about the cell you are editing by opening the detail view (i), and selecting the Pricing Tab (j), here you will see each historic price change and performance (k).