The following settings are available in TRIMS, this guide is to help explain what settings can be configured for your system. You will need to consult with a Touchretail representative before attempting to change any settings.

  • Company
    The company name used on reports and some documentation
  • Phone
    The company phone number used on reports and some documentation
  • Decimal Places
    Format TRIMS inventory quantities to x decimal places
  • Number of Images
    The number of image URL slots available per item
  • Number of Barcodes
    The number of Alias barcode slots available per item
  • Default Import Location
  • Default Invoice Location
    The location details to use on invoices if no specific address selected
  • Background Image
    The URL to be used for the TRIMS Background image. Use 'BING' to display Microsofts daily Bing image as the background
  • Include VAT in Margin Calculation
    A switch for two common ways businesses calculate their Margin
  • Default TAX Rate
    When no TAX rate is provided, this rate will be used
  • Hide N/A Levels
    States if category attributes that are N/A are hidden in the Navigation Tree
  • Default Locations
    Populate the New Product location box with these locations
  • Default Link Code
    Products created without a Link Code will get this Link Code. The Link Code is used to like products with Accounts Packages
  • Flag Created Products For Web
    Set if new products should be visible to the website by default
  • Week Starting Day
    Starting day of week used for some reports and listings
  • Stock Delivery Calculation
    States if the delivered figure is based on GRN records (preferred) or Available Stock + Current Sales calculation
  • Alias Slot Names
    Used to name the Alias barcode slots
  • Image Slot Names
  • Queue Labels For Received Transfers
    Toggles if labels should be queued for transfers delivered
  • Queue Labels For Received Orders
    Toggles if labels should be queued for orders received
  • Prompt For Reason On Stock Adjustment
    Sets if stock adjustments should prompt user for a reason
  • Compact PLU Attributes
    Attribute IDs to use in the Compact PLU
  • Average Cost Calculation
    Options of 'Per Item' and 'Per Barcode'. Per Item calculates weighted average for it's own location only, Per Barcode copies the weighted average across all locations.
  • Retail Calculation
    Toggles if retail prices should update across all locations or just the location being changes
  • Default Alias Slot For New Products
    The Alias slot to receive the given Alias Barcode if one is provided on product creation
  • Exchange Rate View Mode
    States the default view as from, or to the base currency
  • Merge Alias
    The Alias slot to use for the deleted product when merging items
  • Company Logo URL
    The URL of the company logo for use on some reports and documentation
  • VAT Number
    Company Vat Number to be used on some reports and documentation