The purpose of this article is to guide you through linking TRIMS with a Magento website to ensure that products are displayed exactly as you require.

Magento is extremely configurable as is TRIMS, and therefore it’s very easy to get the Attribute Sets and mappings wrong. Once a product is created on Magento it will not let you change the attribute set, so you have to delete the configurable product and all its associated simples and re-send it from TRIMS.

Magento Attribute Sets

Magento Attribute sets are used to determine how a product is displayed on your site. It is important to understand how Attribute Sets work, and you need to put plenty of thought into what attribute sets you require, take the following types of product for example:

  • Beanie hats
    These would usually come in one size and therefore when displayed on your website the customer would just order this product without having to make any selection for size. This product would only need to be created as a simple product in Magento and you would therefore have an Attribute Set which did not have any configurable attributes, we would also flag the connector to only produce simple products.
  • Gloves
    These would normally come in different sizes (e.g. S, M and L) and therefore when displayed on your website the customer would select the product and choose the size from a drop-down before placing the order. This product would need an Attribute set with the ‘size’ attribute set up as ‘used to create the configurable product’. The TRIMS Connector would create 1 configurable product for the gloves and then for the above example, 3 Simple products S, M and L.
  • Shirts
    These would come in various sizes and probably fit’s (slim, standard etc.), when the customer selects the product they would be presented with 2 drop downs, one for Size and one for fit, both would need to be selected before the customer could place the order. This product would need an Attribute Set with say ‘Collar size’ and ‘Fit’ attributes set up to use for the configurable product. Again a Configurable would be created but with a simple for each size/fit combination.
  • Trousers
    These would come in various sizes and various leg lengths. As with shirts above, the customer would choose the selection from the drop-downs before placing the order. So Trousers would be similar to the Shirts Attribute Set, except the configurable attributes would be ‘Waist Size’ and ‘Leg Length’

So for the examples above you would create 4 different Attribute sets:

  • One Size
  • Size
  • Size and Fit
  • Size and Leg length
  • etc

For ease of maintenance it’s best to keep the number of Attribute Sets to a minimum.

On each TRIMS product you would use a tag called ‘Magento Attribute Set’ and for each product you want on the website you will need to populate it with the relevant name of the Attribute Set, this way the connector knows how the product should be created on Magento for it to be displayed as you require.

Because this process is so important to ensure all products are displayed correctly, we suggest the following steps:

  1. Decide how many different combinations of product selections you want and set up the attribute sets (details of how to set up attribute sets on Magento is outside the scope of this article, you will need to consult your web developer)
  2. Set up the Mappings on the Connector
  3. Add the Attribute Sets to a selection of products, we suggest adding the Attribute Set to at least one product for each of the Attributes Sets you have set up on Magento.
  4. Check or Adjust the way these products are displayed so that you fully understand how they relate and appear on the site.
  5. Once you are happy that all of the products you have sent appear correctly on the site, add the relevant Attribute Sets to the rest of the products. Products will only go up to the site if they have a valid TRIMS Attribute Set against them and the TRIMS Attribute Set has been mapped in the connector to the Magento Attribute set.