The Touchretail Shopify Connector seamlessly integrates your TRIMS system with your Shopify website. Allowing the shopify user easy control over which products appear online, and indeed how these products appear on your Shopify site from the title of the product to the individual product tags, all of which are easily configurable.

When a sale happens in one of your many sales channels it is highly important that the other channels know about this stock change quickly and efficiently in order to prevent the dreaded oversell. The Shopify Connector is constantly checking for new sales or order amendments in your Shopify site in order to communicate these directly to your TRIMS system to ensure accurate sales reporting and stock management.

A separate process running concurrently is monitoring your TRIMS system for product and stock modification communicating these directly to your Shopify store whenever a product or variant is added, modified or additional stock is added or a sale occurs.

Shopify Products Integration

Products are quickly and efficiently added to your Shopify site utilising API functionality. Whenever a product or variant is added to your TRIMS system you can specify the mapping type that the product belongs to. This then determines which TRIMS attributes map against each of the Shopify configurable attributes.

All new products are hidden from the online store by default allowing you to add your own text and images and check the product before publishing the product online and allowing your clients to buy the item.

A link between the Shopify Products and Variants is stored against the TRIMS product and variants to enable product and stock modifications to be quickly accessed and changed online.

You can specify which Shopify Attributes are edited online if a product is changed in TRIMS, which is useful if you have spent time setting products up online in an exact way.

Shopify Stock Integration

When a sale happens online or in store, or more stock is added to the system the associated stock change is quickly and efficiently communicated to all channels including your Shopify site ensuring that your shopify site always has the correct stock levels and ensuring that oversells are kept to a bare minimum.

Shopify Sales Integration

The Shopify connector is continually monitoring your Shopify site for new orders, amendments to existing orders and order cancellations. By this process of continually checking and comparing the last order modification with your TRIMS system, the connector is able to quickly detect any changes to an order and communicate these with your TRIMS system.

This always ensures that your TRIMS system always has the correct information with regards to an order ensuring accurate sales reporting and correct stock levels across all channels. If an item is refunded or cancelled that item then quickly becomes available for resale, and likewise if an item is sold then that item is quickly removed from stock reducing the potential for overselling and increasing customer satisfaction.