Changing prices from within an item listing is a fast way to change prices on the fly, this video demonstrates the process.

To update prices in the item listing, go down to a level in the tree > View > Item Listing

Alternatively, you can use a filter for example, filter for cost and supplier. When the filtered information loads you can right click on the result > View > Item Listing

Once this has loaded on the screen, you can click the edit pencil and then fill in your new retail value in the corresponding fields.

It’s suggested that you group by description to make the display tidier by dragging “Description” from the column header to the top of the grid above the headers.

To make price changes quicker you can use the down block or the down column tools in the right hand corner. The down block tool will apply the price change until the next block of grouping, i.e. until the next description. The down column will apply that price change to that whole column, regardless of the grouping.

Once you’re happy with the changes click commit and the prices will update, the new retail price will show in the column.