The first thing to do when you receive your new TRIMSm device is configure it's connection and cache your product data on the device. Caching your product data means you can take your device out of a Wifi zone and the device will still recognise your product barcodes.


1 - Enter Settings

  • Swipe open the Side Bar.
  • Select the Settings option.

2 - Enter Credentials

  • Enter your server credentials, If you are unsure of these, please contact Touchretail.

3 - Test Credentials

  • Press Connection Test to check you've entered them correctly.
  • If your connection test is successful, save these settings using the Tick, if not check and try again.

4 - Cache Local Data

  • Swipe open the Side Bar
  • This time select Data
  • Press Update Local Data
  • The first time you do this a full refresh will take place. Subsequent updates will only update products that have changed, unless you toggle the Full Refresh switch before updating.
  • Once your data has been updated you will see a completion notification and the stats at the top of the page will have updated.
  • If your data fails to update simply try again.
  • At any time you can repeat this process to refresh your data, which you will need to do when you add new products to TRIMS.
  • If your data updated successfully, your device is now ready to use.