TRIMSm Capture is a tool that can be found on the TRIMSm mobile app from Touchretail. Capture simply allows you to create a task from scanning barcodes, you can then perform an action on the task. Examples of what you can use a task for is, booking goods in, transferring stock between locations, creating purchase orders, creating product lists and also stocktaking. This overview is to help you familiarise yourself with the TRIMSm Capture tool.


TRIMSm Capture UI Overview

  1. Multi-tabbed interface allowing you to easily switch between jobs.
  2. The last tab always displays a plus symbol, this is for creating new tasks.
  3. Toggle the target icon to lock on to a task, you may want to do this when stocktaking to avoid accidentally switching to another tab.
  4. States the name of the task and the type of task (if set) that you are working on.
  5. Recognised Row and Quantity counters for the task you are working on.
  6. Task properties icon, press this to view or edit the task details, and to also access task commands where you can delete, duplicate or send the task.
  7. The entry box, ensure focus is on this box (the underline is green) before scanning barcodes, otherwise the barcodes will be ignored. Popup the keyboard with the Barcode/Keyboard toggle icon.
  8. The task list that shows all items that have been scanned. If an item is recognised it will show a tick next to it, or an image if it has one. If the item is unrecognised it will show an exclamation and state that the barcode will be ignored. Holding an item will toggle a menu at the top of the screen allowing you to edit the quantity of the item, or delete the item.

This short overview explains the TRIMSm Capture user interface. For more information on the process you would use to complete a task from start to finish, please also read the relevant article for the task.