A financial report ideally grouped at the category level displaying your stock holding at the specified stock date, and the sales for the specified sales period.



  • Stock
    • Stock: Quantity of stock units at the given stock date
    • Cost: Weighted average cost value of stock excluding VAT
    • Retail: Retail value of stock including VAT
    • Margin: Profit margin
    • Avg Sell Point: Average selling price per item
    • Gross Profit: Gross profit
    • Stock%: Percentage of the grand total reported stock units
  • Sales
    • Sales: Quantity units sold for the given sales period
    • Cost: Cost of sales excluding VAT
    • Retail: Actual value the units were sold for including VAT
    • VAT Value: VAT value of VAT inclusive sales
    • Margin%: Margin achieved on units sold
    • Avg Sell Point: Average selling price of sold units
    • Gross Profit: Gross profit achieved on units sold
    • Sales%: Percentage of the grand total reported sales units

Customise It

The report can be grouped with a maximum of 5 indentations. The report is designed to be grouped on high level categories such as Brand, Department and Season.

By default the reported stock figures are at the time of running the report unless a stock date is set in the period tab.

It is possible to value your stock based on sale markdowns by selecting a promotion in the options tab under stock pricing.

This report can be configured to hide columns allowing you to hide information unsuitable for the recipient.


Run the Financial Summary report with no grouping to quickly view company total stock and sales figures.