A financial report displaying tender breakdowns and Key Performance Indicators for each device or user.


Columns / Rows

  • Payment Analysis
    • Tender: Lists the Tender IDs for any tenders used within the given period
    • Total: The total tender value for the Tender ID
    • Date: The tender value for the Tender ID on the noted date
  • KPIs
    • Receipts: Total number of receipts issued
    • Sales: Total sales for the given period
    • Refunds: Total refunds for the given period
    • Avg Sales Value: Average sales value for the noted date
    • Avg Items Per Receipt: Average number of items per transaction for the noted date
    • VOID Transactions: Number of VOID transactions on the noted date
    • Drawer Opens: Number of times the cash drawer has been manually open on the noted date
    • Exchanges: Number of exchanges processed on the noted date

Customise It

The report can be grouped by Device or User allowing you to analyse User KPIs and Device KPIs.

The sales duration can bet set in the period tab along with the number of intervals and the interval metric (Day, Week, Month, Quarter, Year)

The calculation for KPI sales and refunds can be toggled from the options tab.


If you do or do not want refunds to reduce the number of sales shown, try toggling the KPI calculation option.