Similar to the 'Best Sellers' reports, Ranked Sales is a report that ranks sales based on the chosen sorting, grouped by the specified grouping critera. Unlike 'Best Sellers', this report only reports stock of sold items, not the entire grouping level of stock, making this report much faster to produce than any of the 'Best Sellers'.



  • Rank
    • Rank: Indicates where the line ranks against other lines
    • Detail:  Rank at this level, for example, Channel, Brand, Category or Description  (5 slots)
  • Product
    • Age: Days since first 'goods in' entry
    • Last Purchase: Date of last 'goods in' entry
    • Unit Cost: Cost price of an individual unit
    • Unit Retail: Retail price of an individual unit
    • Stock of Sold: Stock level of the individual sold items, not for the entire grouping level.
  • Sales
    • Quantity: Total sales for the period
    • Cost: Cost of sales for the period
    • Retail: Sale value of the goods sold for the period
    • Markdown: States the total markdown percentage on goods sold within the period
    • Profit: Profit for the period
    • Margin: Margin achieved for the period

Customise It

You must choose the metric you wish to rank by in descending order, for example sales value or quantity. Choose up to 5 grouping levels, due to the report layout and ranking, the grouping will intentionally not indent with subtotals. Configure the number of results to achieve a top 10, top 50 and so on.

Columns can be hidden in order to remove cost or profit for example.


To identify best selling brands or products, group by brand or description and sort descending by Sales Quantity or Sales Retail. Filter to a specific category in order to identify best sellers with the category. Take note of the 'Stock of Sold' which indicates how much stock remains of your best selling items. Also take note of Markdowns, a high markdown % may be the reason for high ranking lines.