The following criteria is required for users wishing to access TRIMSm.

  1. The users ‘User Group’ must have access to the TRIMSm feature.
  2. The users ‘User Group’ must have access to the relevant features for that user group.
  3. The user must have a Login code, this is set on the user profile within Devices.
  4. There must be a valid TRIMS user licence associated to the user within Devices.

Detailed Instructions on Configuring TRIMSm User Access

If you don’t have permissions to configure users within the devices app, you will need to consult with your company administrator.

  • 1 - Enabling TRIMSm
    • 1.a. Within TRIMS Navigate to ‘Assets’ > ‘Devices’.
    • 1.b. Click the ‘Settings’ icon on the user group you wish to configure.
    • 1.c. Click the ‘Authorise Apps’ tab.
    • 1.d. Click the ‘TRIMSm’ feature to enable it.
  • 2 - Enabling TRIMSm features
    • 2.a. On the same screen click the required TRIMSm features, for example TRIMSm:Capture.
    • 2.b. Click ‘OK’ to save changes.
  • 3 - Set a Login code for the user
    • 3.a. Click the ‘Settings’ icon on the user in question.
    • 3.b. Enter a value into the ‘Login Code’ cell - This is the code the user will need to enter when logging into the TRIMSm App.
  • 4 - Associate a user license with the user
    • 4.a. On the same screen select a License from the License drop down. A user license can only be used on one user at a time, if you choose a license that is already in use it will disable the previous users access to any assigned TRIMS features. If you do not have a license available you will need to purchase a license from Touchretail.
    • 4.b. Click ‘OK’ to save changes.

If these instructions have been followed successfully, the user will now be able to access TRIMSm.

Enabling TRIMSm and TRIMSm Features

Setting Login Code and Associating a User License