Best Sellers is primarily used to query the best and also worst sellers by Brand and Category.



  • Stock
    • Last Purchase: Last date of purchase
    • Unit Cost: The asterix next to the value means that it's an average value made up of other values
    • Stock: Quantity of stock units at the time of running the report
  • Sales
    • Sales: Quantity units sold for the given sales period
    • Cost: Cost of sales excluding VAT
    • Retail: Actual value the units were sold for including VAT
    • Profit: Profit achieved on units sold
    • Margin: Margin achieved on units sold

Customise It

The report can be grouped with a maximum of 5 indentations. The report is designed to be grouped on high level categories such as Brand, Department and Season.

By default the report is sorted alphabetically on the description field. You will need to apply a sort criteria to sort by retail value or units sold, depending on how you want the data to be ranked.

This report can be configured to hide columns allowing you to hide information unsuitable for the recipient.

You can set the Number of Results Returned, from Top 10 to Top 100.


Not only can the Best Sellers tell you the best sellers, it's a useful way to see the worst sellers too. Simply alter your sort criteria to be Ascending to achieve this.