Reprint Historic Receipt

If the Receipt Number is Known

Go to Menu > Reprint Historic Receipt > Here you can either scan a receipt or type in the receipt number and it will print a copy.

If the Date is Known

Log in to the till > type in your Supervisor Menu Code > Menu > Report Menu > Previous Audits > Select the date you want to reprint from and then select the individual receipt that you want to reprint (highlight the line and press "Select").

Reprint Z Read

  1. Type in your Supervisor Menu Code > Menu > Report Menu > User Reports > Previous Z
  2. It will then ask you for the sector security code, that changes every day so please get in touch with our Support Team to get this code.
  3. Then select the date range you want to view, click Next and then click Print. This will print the total of the Z reads for the date range that you selected.