The following documentation is available to help assist with integration of the Touchretail Gift Card system.

For each gift card issued in store at a POS the customer has a card number and an online code.

Query a Gift Card

A service is available which you contact to check the available funds on the gift card. This also provides information of how the balance is made up and when elements of the balance expire.

For example you may query a card using the online code and the current balance is £25. This could be an original 50 gift card that the customer has spent 40 pound on and then added 15 to the card.

  • This will appear as balance £25.
  • Then three transaction details one for the original £50 of which £10 is remaining purchased on 11/05/2016 and expires on 11/05/2017
  • One for the £40 sale
  • One for the 15 top up which will say original £15 remaining £15 purchased on 01/08/2016 expires 01/08/2017.
  • This means today the balance is £25 on the 12/05 the balance will be £15 as the remaining £10 of the original top-up will have expired.

Redeeming a Gift Card

In terms of redeeming this value then it just gets returned as a tender with the externalaccount populated with the gift card/online code and value being redeemed.

Purchasing a Gift Card

If a customer wishes to purchase a gift card online, this will need to be sold as a product online. When the sale of the gift card is received the store will need to refund this product at the point of the sale and add a new GCAS Activation for the value. Once they tender on exchange, this will produce an online code, this alongside the physical card can be posted out to the customer.


For Gift cards there is one process CRMGetGiftCardValues which is called with the gift card number / online code, and some connector details (service, username and password) which are supplied from our side.

This process needs to be called when the customer wishes to pay using the gift card, this endpoint will return the balance and how this balance is made up.

As long as funds are available the customer should be allowed to spend all or a portion of the available funds.

The customer then completes the transaction if a value is left to pay and upon successful completion the sale is sent over to ourselves to remove the funds from the gift card.

This is achieved by including tender information withing the Send Sales method and as one of the tenders including the external account as the gift card number and the value as the value being removed