This document explains the processes required to integrate TRIMS CRM with your website. The following integration will link Web and Store Customers resulting in:

  • A central customer database within TRIMS recording purchases both online, and offline.
  • Ability to redeem accumulated loyalty points both online, and offline.
  • Ability to redeem Gift Cards both online, and offline.

All websales

When using the sendsales method to send sales to Touchretail, please now always populate the ‘externalaccount’ field.

Redeeming Gift Cards online

Use CRMGetGiftCardValues to query the Balance of the Gift Card.

On completion of a websale, when posting the transaction details using Sendsales, a tender entry must be populated stating a tendername, amount and Gift Card number.

Redeeming Loyalty Points online

Use CRMGetAccountValues to query the available Loyalty Points and parameters of the customer account.

Use CRMRedeemLoyalty to add or remove points.

Linking online/store customers

All websales (providing the ExternalAccount field is populated) will automatically be linked to a store account if one already exists.

In cases where the customer already has a store account and wants to link their website account they should be able to login to their website account and click a link to ‘link with store account’ this will use CRMRegisterAccount to link the account.

New customers created online should always use CRMRegisterAccount which will create/link the customer as soon as the online account is created.