Legislation means that customers have the right to request not to be contacted by organisations should they not wish. They also have the right to request removal from an organisations database, this is covered in our article “How to Anonymise a Customer”. It is the obligation of the organisation to ensure that this is adhered to by european law. By default, consent is set to “Not Asked” until the customer either responds by giving their consent or not giving their consent.

To set consent on customers in TRIMS CRM:

  1. Open TRIMS and go to “Customers” and then “CRM”

  2. Apply any relevant filters or search for the customer(s) that you wish to lookup.
    In the below example, the user has searched by name for a customer that has requested they not be contacted.

  3. Once you have located the customer(s) that you wish to set the consent flag for, select the line(s) and press “Consent”.

  4. Pressing the “Consent” option will bring up a dialogue box on the screen with the 3 options “Not Asked”, “Refused” and “Given”. If the customer consents to communication, it will set a date for the consent (as per GDPR requirements), this can be amended if consent was given in the past, otherwise it will set the consent date as the current date.
    If consent is set to refused then, you can just press “Refused”, the same applies to “Not Asked” if for whatever reason it was changed but customer hadn’t given or refused consent.

  5. You can use a filter to lookup different consent statuses or you can group by the consent status column: