User Method vs Touchretail Method

There are two methods of linking up an existing Shopify site (which is already populated with products, images and descriptions) to TRIMS. Both methods are explained in this document.

Method 1: The User Method

The first method is for the TRIMS User to manually input the various links between the two platforms. There are usually three links which need to be set up:

  • Product ID
  • Variant ID
  • SKU (or other ID specific to each variant in Shopify)

Shopify does not allow any of the fields or tags visible on the Shopify product to be used for linking up. It has to be the Product ID and Variant ID as contained in the URL. Therefore this manual linking method is rather tedious, as explained in the following 4 steps.

Step 1 – set the Shopify Product ID in TRIMS

Clicking on a Product in Shopify will display the Product ID as the final section of the URL in the browser. For instance the Product ID in the example below is 490721607718.

Create a TRIMS Tag called Shopify Product ID, and for each product (Record) in TRIMS set this Tag to the Shopify Product ID as above.

Step 2 – set the Shopify Variant ID in TRIMS

Similar to above, clicking a product Variant in Shopify will show the Shopify Variant ID as the last section of the URL (the Variant ID is appended to the Product ID). For instance in the example below the Shopify Variant ID for size Small is 616724460838.

Enter the Shopify Variant ID as the TRIMS Alias 10 value for each variant of the product.

Step 3 – set the SKU in TRIMS

Having set the Product ID and Variant ID, a visible field in the Shopify product needs to be used as the ‘matching’ or ‘link’ field. This field needs to be unique to each Product variant, and is usually the Shopify SKU.

In this example the SKUs are clearly visible and unique for each size.

Check all products to ensure that all have unique SKUs for each variant. For instance the Product below would not be able to correctly link up as the SKUs are the same for each size (except for the mis-spelled SKU on size Small – another thing to check prior to linking up).

Step 4 – set the Shopify Options in TRIMS

The final piece of data to set is to allocate the appropriate Shopify Options Set to the TRIMS Product, so that TRIMS knows how to set up the Options in Shopify. In other words, this determines what drop-downs will appear on the Product in Shopify, for instance No Options (a product without any variants), Size (a product with various sizes but only one colour), Colour (a product with no sizes but available in more than one colour) or Colour and Size (a product available in multiple colours and multiple sizes). However many retailers prefer to treat different colours of a product as different products, so they would have a different Product for each colour with Size options.

Once these four steps have been done the TRIMS and Shopify will be linked, and stock quantities will be synced between the two platforms. Shopify Orders will also correctly identify the TRIMS products and variants for de-stocking.

There is no cost from Touchretail for this method, as all the data is entered by the Shopify site owner.

Method 2: Touchretail Method

Touchretail have many Shopify integrations and we have developed procedures for being able to match your Shopify products and variants. We will ‘trawl’ the products on your Shopify site and add the appropriate Product IDs and Variant IDs. We then send the data extract to the Shopify site owner (user/customer/client) in the form of a spreadsheet for validation.

For Shopify sites that were linked to the legacy EPOS system the extract will include the legacy identifier that was used as the link in Shopify, which may be the legacy system barcode number, or the Supplier EAN, or the SKU or a combination of product name and varaint ID.

For Shopify sites that were not linked to the legacy system, the site owner will need to populate the data extract with the link code – which could be the new TRIMS Primary Barcode or any of the above (so long as they appear in TRIMS and are unique at the variant level).

Please contact a Touchretail representative for pricing of this method.