This guide covers how to create a standard BOGOF promotion (buy one, get the cheapest free).

  1. Open TRIMS and head to Promotions and then Checkout Price Rules
  2. In Checkout Price Rules, select “Add Checkout Rule”
  3. In the window that appears, enter a Name and Description for the promotion.
  4. Enter a Start date and End date for the promotion.
  5. Enter the discount as 100% off cheapest:

    HINT! You can also use this method for Buy One Get One Half Price - just change the discount to 50%

  6. In the screen that subsequently appears, press the “add criteria” button.
    If the promotion is for one type of item (buy one of the same item, get the second one free) then select “Single”. If it is a combination of items (buy one, get something else free) then select “Combined”.
  7. Enter the number of items required to get one free, in this case as it is BOGOF, we have entered 2.
  8. Filter for the items that you wish to be included in the promotion. A useful tool here is the description product picker:
  9. In the Criteria screen, enter the number to be included in the multi-buy. In the case of the 3 for 10 example, 3 will need to be entered:
  10. Press the save button
  11. You can set up as many separate filters in one promotion as required.
  12. Once you have completed the promo set up, set your promotion active