Have you ever found that your back office sales have not updated or your tills have not downloaded the latest stock and prices?

The most common cause of the above issues is that your point of sale is not communicating with the Touchretail server. This is a temporary issue that often resolves itself however, you can follow the steps outlined below to help rectify this issue yourself:

  1. Ensure that the till has been left on the LoginID screen for at least one minute:
    In order to download the latest stock and product files, the till must be left on the loginID screen. This often goes unnoticed as the till returns to the loginID screen between transactions however, if you are browsing current stock levels in the search screen for an extended period of time - it would be beneficial to press the VOID button every now and again to see the updated stock figures.
  2. Check the status of your internet connection:
    It is always worth checking the status and quality of your internet connection. You can do this by contacting your internet service provider to enquire about your network status or simply by trying to navigate to a webpage that you use often. If you have not had any updates to and from your till since a change to your network such as a new router or new internet service provider, contact us either via email or telephone and ensure you include as much information as possible so that we can help you as best we can.
  3. Reboot your network router and POS unit:
    It sounds cliché but rebooting your router allows any important updates to be downloaded, it also re-assigns you a new Internet Protocol (IP) address and refreshes a lot of settings that are key to your shop’s network connecting to the internet. The POS unit whether it be a dedicated till unit or a PC, has a lot of background software running on it - sometimes if the machine has been running for a while, restarting it will give it a new lease of life as resources are cleared and the background software that is key to the communication between your point of sale and us is restarted and reset.

If the above methods do not resolve your connection issues, please contact Touchretail support on 0845 466 0323.