Stocktaking is a vital part of maintaining inventory systems, so that any discrepancies introduced during daily retail operations can be identified and corrected. This guide is based on using an Android HHT with the TRIMSm Mobile App (more details available at pricing > extras: Here).

All stocktakes follow the five main steps below:

  1. Create Stocktake
  2. Scan Items
  3. Upload Scanned items
  4. Review Discrepancies
  5. Finalise Stocktake

The stocktake process can be simple or it can be a complex procedure involving multiple HHTs and locations. We strongly advise keeping stocktakes as simple as possible, and if you don’t stocktake very often always check your process on a small sample before doing larger or full stocktakes.

  1. Create Stocktake
    1. In TRIMS, check that the Discrepancies location has zero stock. If any stock exists in Discrepancies you should Write Off prior to starting a new stocktake. NOTE that for multi-location businesses the Write Off is done prior to starting a new business-wide stocktake. The Discrepancies location in multi-location businesses is used as a temporary stock balancing utility during a stocktake until the stocktake at all locations have been completed.
    2. We recommend producing a Financial Summary report from your TRIMS system immediately prior to processing your stocktake. Select the Report Options to include all Variants that you will need to check back to after your stocktake. This could therefore be a lengthy report, but you don’t need to print it. Save the report as either PDF or better still as an XLSX file so that you can search for items if necessary.
    3. We recommend that you pause sales processing during your stocktake for any location. Please contact the TRIMS Support Team and ask them to pause Salespush for your required location.
  2. Create New Stocktake
    1. First, select the products that are to be included in the stocktake. To create the List of Products and Barcoded to be included in the stocktake file: TRIMS - Inventory - Explorer. Use the Filter to select the Products to be included in the stocktake. Select Location (in Products), and any other subset of Criteria (or no Criteria selection for all Products). Apply the Filter then right click on the Filter Result. Use Action - Send to List to create the Product and Barcodes file. The List will be allocated a Date/Time reference – this can be edited to add some text.
    2. Now in TRIMS Stocktakes, create a New Stocktake (Add Document). Select the List name that you just created (the default List is the most recent one generated), and the appropriate Stocktake (Source) location. The Discrepancy Destination is your TRIMS Discrepancies (or the name you have called that) location. Click OK – this will generate a Stocktake Ref in the format x_x, which is visible in the Pending section of the Stocktakes Tree-view.
  3. Scanning in TRIMSm
    1. Before commencing the scanning it is advisable to Sync the HHT with TRIMS. Do this under TRIMSm -; Data -; START SYNC (ensure that your HHT is connected to wi-fi). The message ‘Connecting to service, fetching data’ will be displayed, and the progress of the data sync.

    2. In TRIMSm on your mobile device (HHT) tap Capture then the ‘+’ icon (Create New Capture). Choose Mode = Stocktake then enter the Stocktake Reference – this is the New Stocktake Reference as noted in 1.4 above. Tap the 3-dots (Options) which should display in TRIMSm the list of Pending Documents (Stocktakes, Transfers, etc) and select from the list if you prefer. Select Scan Validation = ON to validate the barcodes scanned are part of the Stocktake List. Select ‘Show Images’ = ON if your TRIMS data includes images, otherwise = OFF. Tap the tick at the top of the screen to confirm and set up the New TRIMSm Stocktake.
    3. Use the HHT to scan barcodes for all items which are to be part of the stocktake.

      Quantity: Each scan defaults to Quantity 1. To increase the Quantity tap and hold the Scan Entry until the Edit pencil appears at the top of the screen. Tap the Edit pencil and either tap the ‘+’ sign (or ‘–‘ to decrease) or key in the Quantity number, then tap the Tick at the top of the screen to accept. NOTE: the most recent item scanned appears at the top of the list of barcodes.

      Delete: To delete an item scanned in error tap and hold the Scan Entry then tap the Delete (Bin) icon.

      Info: The foot of the screen displays the Stocktake Reference and two numbers. The left hand number is the number of barcodes scanned, while the right hand number is the total quantity of items scanned so far.

  4. Upload Stocktake
    1. When all items have been scanned, upload the HHT data to TRIMS back office. Tap the Options symbol (3 vertical dots). Tap the ‘Send Task’ option to send to TRIMS. The Send progress will be displayed. When completed, the ‘Send Task’ option changes to ‘Sent’ and becomes greyed out.
  5. Review Stocktake
    1. To review the uploaded stocktake file, open the TRIMS Stocktakes App and go to the Pending section of the Tree-view. Open up either All or the Branch number and click on the stocktake Reference number. To check that the Scan file has been uploaded to TRIMS right click on the Stocktake Reference and select ‘Show Scans’. Drop down to select either Unrecognised Scans or the Recognised Scans (the data file reference). Click the file name to list the barcodes scanned.
      As with most TRIMS views, the columns can be included/excluded and the display order changed. Also the table can be sorted or grouped by any column. If all Scans have been recognised the total Quantity on the Scan file in TRIMS should match the total Quantity on the source file in TRIMSm on the HHT.

    2. To view the stocktake discrepancies, right click on the Stocktake Reference and select ‘View Discrepancies’

      ‘Item Listing’ will display each item and a comparison of the pre-stocktake TRIMS figures, the stocktake figures and the Discrepancy figures (which is the difference between the two). A negative figure in the Discrepancy column indicates that the stocktake value is lower than the original (and still current) TRIMS value. It’s useful to click on the Discrepancy column to order by the highest (or highest negative) discrepancy. You may want to adjust a figure before finalising the stocktake.

    3. To make a manual adjustment to the stocktake data, click ‘Edit’ to add a quantity to the stocktake quantity (or use a negative figure to reduce the stocktake quantity). Note that this Addition will add the figure entered to the stocktake figure (not replace it). Click ‘Save’ to apply the Adjustment.
    4. You may want to check what the effect of Finalising the Stocktake will have on the stock value, before actually finalising it. To do this, in Inventory -; Stocktakes -; Pending -; highlight (left click) the Stocktake Reference then in the Details section (above Pending section) click on the top level to drop down to the Brand or Category -; right click -; View -; Category Listing. This will show the current System (TRIMS) Units and Value, the Stocktake Units and Value, and the Discrepancy Units and Value. The Stocktake figures will be the new System figures after Finalising, and the Discrepancy figures will be the value that will be reduced (or increased by) when finalising the stocktake. Values are Cost Price excluding VAT. The figures can be viewed at Category, Product or Item levels.
    5. Before finalising the stocktake we recommend exporting the Item Listing to Excel and saving for future reference, if required.
  6. Finalise Stocktake
    1. To finalise the stocktake, right click on the Filter Result and select Finalise Stocktake. Note that you can finalise a stocktake at any level, so if you need to finalise most of the stocktake but re-check or investigate one or two exceptions, finalise the acceptable levels.
    2. The discrepancies will be transferred to the Discrepancy location.;NOTE;that the stock figures in the Discrepancies location are the same as the stock differences at the Source location. So if one item was scanned as 2 units below the System then Discrepancies will show as -2, and if another item was scanned at 3 more than the System then the Discrepancies location will show 3 for that item. When the stocktake has been fully finalised contact TRIMS Support to put Salespush back to live.
    3. Generate a Sales Listing for any items sold during the period of the stocktake. If these were scanned as part of the stocktake you need to reduce the stock by these sales at Item level.
    4. For future reference generate a Financial Report at the same level as previously done prior to the stocktake. The Financial Report should be for the Source Location and Discrepancy location. The Report Totals should balance with the original Financial Report.
    5. When the stocktake has been completed for all locations, clear down the Discrepancies location by converting the stock to Write Off.