Customer types allow the ability to change the value of loyalty points that certain customers earn as well as giving the option to automatically apply discounts when customers are assigned to a transaction.

To set up customer types:

  1. Go to "Customers" and "CRM"
  2. In CRM, press "Maintenance" to set up a customer type:

  3. Press the create new button and give your customer type a name:
  4. Once you have created your customer type. You can select it, press "Edit" and enter your discount percentage/points value:
  5. Save your discount percentage and close the window.

To apply customer types to a customer:

  1. Locate your customer(s) that you wish to set the account type for by searching for them
  2. Right click on the account(s) that you would like to set the account type for
  3. Press "Accounts" and "Set Account type"

The ability to lookup customers and modify them using the CRM module is outlined in more detail in the below guide: 

TRIMS CRM Overview