There are multiple reasons for needing to change an attribute in bulk whether that be a change of supplier name, a change of attribute name or correcting a spelling mistake.

To Change an Attribute Value for Multiple Products:

  1. Head to "Inventory" and then "Explorer"
  2. Once in explorer, click the plus sign next to the funnel icon beneath the "Navigation" header.
  3. When the tree extends, click the + next to either "Categories", "Variants" or "Tags" depending on the type of attribute you wish to modify, in this example -we are correcting the name of a value under the "Season" tag.
  4. Click the attribute that you wish to modify.
  5. Add the attributes for the products that you wish to update and press "OK"
  6. You can then click on the funnel button to apply the filter.
    This will locate all of the items in criteria that you have selected and display them at the bottom of the tree, along with a percentage value (what % of your total stock is in the filter).
  7. Now we have the items separated, click the pencil icon on the Navigation bar at the top to switch to edit mode.
  8. Now right click on the line that has the percentage.
  9. Go to Modify and then Set Attribute.
  10. Use the left-hand dropdown to select the attribute you wish to change and either enter the value that you wish to change the selected products to have or select the "..." and choose from the list that appears
  11. When you are satisfied that the changes are correct, click OK. You will be asked to type a confirmation code which is provided.

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