When using the capture feature in TRIMSm, from time to time; you may come across a message informing you that the barcode you have scanned is ‘Not in local database’.

This is not cause for concern and can be attributed to a handful of causes: It may be that the scanned barcode does not exist against the intended product in TRIMS as an Alias or Primary barcode, or that the scanner has not been synced for a while; the scanner must be synced in order to download the latest product data including barcodes.

Below are the basic steps to avoid and solve any unrecognised scans:

  • Go into the Data section of the app check the last date a Sync was performed.
  • If the Sync has not been run in a while press the Start Sync button and wait for completion.
  • Check the barcode being scanned is assigned to the requested item in TRIMS.

If the above methods have failed to resolve the error then, the following method will completely refresh your scanner (this may take some time):

  1. In the Data section press Clear Local Data.
  2. Once this has finished which should only take a few seconds, press Start Sync.

This will clear all data on the scanner and download a new copy of your product data from the system.

This can take some time depending on the total number of barcodes and alias barcodes you have in your TRIMS system.