Sometimes, it may be necessary to reverse a transaction in TRIMS. The best-practise way to reverse a transaction is to process a refund through the same channel it was sold through whether that was the EPOS(Till) or a Third party Website.
On some occasions however, this may not be possible either because the till has already been cashed up or your website is unable to reverse a transaction. For this very reason, we have implemented a feature in TRIMS that allows you to reverse a transaction without needing access to the original point of sale.

To Reverse a Transaction in TRIMS:

  1. Identify the transaction line(s) that you require reversing in the transaction audit.
    If you are unsure how to do this, the below guide covers exactly how to identify transactions using the transaction audit:
    Transaction Audit Guide
  2. You will then be prompted to confirm the number of lines you want to reverse and the date and time you want the reversal to be processed as shown below:
  3. When you click ok the reversal lines will be added on the previously selected date as shown below: