The transaction audit is a very useful tool in the trims system it allows you to see all transactions in a set period this could be till sales, web sales, transfers goods in or any other type of transaction.

The first thing you will need to do is set the period you are interested in from the drop down menu which defaults as today but you can change this to any period including a custom one which is set using the date and times next to the drop down. Then you can select the type of transactions using the buttons sales, transfers goods etc. If you select the custom button this will give you a menu to select any types of transactions there are several different types of transaction lines so it’s worth looking here to see what can be shown such as gift cards and tender lines.

When you have located the transaction lines you are looking for, you can then manipulate this data in several ways:

  1. If you right click on any column header you can see the list of all available columns(some may be blank as they are only used on some types of transaction)
  2. Drag a column header into the grey box and the data will be grouped by that column this is great if you want to see how many sales a user has done or to group the lines by receipt.
  3. Click one of the headers to sort the column this is similar to point 2 but does not separate the lines. this is great to see order the sales where processed or the highest value and lowest values or quantity:

You can also filter the transaction audit by dragging out the filter from the left hand side of the screen as shown below. The filter is split into 3 sections:

  • Transactions - this allows you to filter for a set till, branch or user
  • Product - this allows you to filter for a set product or category (the same as the explorer filter)
  • Customer - this allows you to filter for transactions for a set customer